Quotes and Anecdotes

I’ve decided to share some quotes, mostly from my little host sisters.  Not significant enough events to write posts about, but funny things that happen that I want to share (the more recent will appear at the top!)

A new stuffed animal appeared at my host family’s house yesterday.  It’s a purple Care Bear.  For the first 10 minutes Aichatou-Bah was so terrified of it she screamed and cried whenever anyone held it out to her.  She overcame the fear by me holding the bear while she punched the crap out of it.  Today she was carrying it around on her back like it was her baby.

It’s very common to buy bags of water in Guinea.  Yesterday, Hawa put one half under her shirt and let Aichatou-Bah drink from it, like she was breastfeeding.

Yesterday, Mariam Hadja went running into the house.  She comes running back out completely naked, stops under the big mango tree about 15 feet away from me, grins from ear to ear, pees standing up without getting any on herself, then turns and runs back inside.

In Guinea, when someone calls your name, you answer “Naa”.  It’s like “yes, I hear you, what do you want?”.  Well when Aichatou-Bah hears kids outside the concession calling to their friends or moms, she’ll answer “Naa” knowing it’s not her their calling. She’s just messing with them.  She’s 3 years old.  I find this hilarious.  She’s aready a little devil.

Upon me picking up Aichatou-Bah and holding her upside down: “Do that to me again and I’ll fart on you!”

Aichatou-Bah: “Mom, Ami’s boobs are bigger than yours.  We’re gonna buy something to make yours bigger!”

Upon a French woman who works for an NGO arriving in my village, approximately 10 kids showed up at my house to tell me “Ami! Your mom is here!”  I had to explain that just cause a white woman comes to our town, doesn’t mean it’s my mom.