Shoutout to Katy Kruse


Back in August, I got an awesome care package from the previous volunteer at my site, Katy.

Katy had been in my town for about 5 months, but was evacuated due to Ebola in August 2014.  Katy was beloved in our town.  I still get called Kirikou, a name many kids used for her, and told about how wonderful she was quite often.  She’s been such a wonderful resource, however, that I can’t hold it against her.  She’s provided me with a lot of insight into our town and the people there, as well as set up a Community Health Agent group that I was able to continue with.

I’ve heard before about past volunteers sending their successors a package, but with the inconsistent mail system in Guinea and the price, I never expected one.  So I am so grateful that Katy was willing to risk the chance of it not showing up to send me this gift.

For me, she included a ton of M&Ms, as you can see in the picture, as well as Nutella, flavored Laughing Cow Cheese (so much better than the stuff here!), Sour Patch Kids Watermelon (the best kind), Swedish Fish (not pictured because I ate them immediately), Reese’s Cups, 2 jars of jam, honey, granola bars and Mio juice drink mix.

She also printed out some pictures I sent her so I could give them out, as well as a lot of her pictures that she took while in Guinea that she had not been able to pass on to our host family.  Guineans love pictures, and I can’t wait to watch them look through them.  I took a look, and loved seeing all my host siblings 2 years younger!

She also sent me a lovely and encouraging card that meant a lot to me, as well as a note to translate into French for my host family.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it made my homologue tear up.  He told me, when I first arrived and we were looking through Katy’s stuff that she left behind, that he couldn’t look because he’d cry.  She meant a lot to him and his family.

She also snuck some money she had left over from her time in Guinea to pass on to the family, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

So thank you Katy, for the wonderful package!  Fellow Peace Corps volunteers really pack the best packages, and now I’ve got enough chocolate to last me a while!  I will definitely send pictures of the family so you can see how much they appreciate your gifts!


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