Shout Out to Ashley Fehringer

In January, one of my oldest friends, Ashley Fehringer, put a package for me in the mail.  As is the reality with sending things to Guinea, this package has yet to make it to me.  At this point, I’ve given up hope that it will ever make it.  But I thought she deserved a shout out anyway.

I’m sure the package would’ve been perfect.  She definitely would’ve nailed the snacks.  And there would’ve been a letter that made fun of me for most of it, but in the end got all mushy and sentimental.  And then she’d make fun of me one more time before she ended the letter.

I’m sure there also would’ve been some awesome surprises in the package.  I can’t even speculate as to what they would be, but they’d be great and they’d be things I didn’t even realize I wanted or needed.

Ashley has since sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala.  She is a Public Health Specialist and has already done more at site than I have, of course.  I would expect nothing less of Ashley.  While I’m still a little surprised she chose to do PC (I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who dislikes bugs more), I know she’ll do a wonderful job and be an asset to her community.

Ashley also write an awesome blog that you all should check out!


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